We are happy to provide you with Wariazone documentary on DVD. You can purchase it online. 
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58 Minute Documentary

Ships Internationally

Encoded For All Regions

English subtitles

Widescreen 16:9, SD PAL, Stereo

Professionally replicated DVD with printed label, case & insert, with a price of 12 EUR. 
Home viewing license only.
Secure payments are accepted via credit card and bank accounts using PayPal, please click on
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Estonian residents can also make a direct bank deposit. Contact us for account details.

Institutional Licensed DVD is leased for the life of the product for non-commercial educational in-house use 
for institutions such as universities and colleges, libraries, student groups, museums, media art centers, unions, 
and national/regional organizations, who wish to loan through their libraries, or include the documentary 
as part of the curriculum.
The package includes:
- five (5) or seven (7) professionally replicated DVDs with printed label, case & insert;
- institutional license 
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   Discounts apply for larger orders.  
   For public screening license fee or any queries regarding any of the above, don't hesitate to contact us.
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